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Freezer Camp – Wind, Rain, Ice and Sunshine

freezer-1Friday afternoon, tents getting pitched and the wind is already starting to buffet the place. Our site was in the woods so a little more sheltered. Outer flysheets up and pinned to the ground with extra long pegs. That should do the trick. Out on the Main Field, the early arrivals are standing on the canvas to hold it in place while the pegs are found and poles can be fed through the loops and sleeves. This could get exciting…

freezer-2As the day drifts in to evening and darkness creeps in, the groups and units begin to arrive. The challenge is getting trickier now as the wind is gusting and the rain picking up again. The PACCAR Crew are on standby with the fall-back plans in place. Everyone is pitched and the Freezer Camp weekend is officially live. The Cinema and Disco kick off proceedings. The wind batters on and the rain comes in buckets but we don’t mind…

freezer-3 By eleven pm, it’s the trees that start to drive the programme. Some are down in the plantation and groups need to move. And quickly. The Crew are in control, two groups are moved soon and efficiently in to Walsh and McLean. Now there are tents being blown about on the the field. By the end of the night six groups have been relocated into shelter, the safety planning has done its work. The Freezer Camp weekend will go on! Nobody who was there will forget the Friday night at Freezer Camp 2014.

freezer-4Saturday morning and the wind is dying. The rain has gone. What’s this? Orange light in the sky, a hint of sunshine peeking through. With a little reshaping of the weekend activities the Saturday morning will go ahead. Breakfasts are on the go around the site and the sound of Scouts and Explorers emerging into the daylight can be heard. It’s a breezy but sunny day. And with zorbing, archery, lasertag in the woods, quadbikes and more to get on with the overnight drama is fading fast. The sound of chainsaws making safe is the only reminder of the storm and of the crew doing a fantastic job to keep the show on the road.

freezer-5Saturday evening and it’s down to the camp fire circle after dark. Everybody is there and waiting for the show. Piratical hints at what is coming soon, the bright lights dim and the smoky air is infused with the eerie sound of ships calling out through the fog. Was that really a pirate doing a passable impression of John Arnold? Pirates of the Caribbean on the screen and spectacular fireworks all around. There is no escape in to the woods here. After the show, its back to unit camp fires and discussions late into the clear and moonlit night.

A frosty Sunday morning makes it truly a Freezer Camp at last. It also promises a dry and sunny day for getting the tents down safely and mostly dry. But wait, more activities. Robogeddon, laser tag again and always a session with Fred on the archery to be enjoyed. freezer-6The climbing wall team have been busy all weekend. How can it be 2:30pm already and time for closing the weekend. Everyone is happy it’s clear. Loud cheers for the event organiser Jamie Brunt and a well-deserved thanks to the team who have made it all possible. Thanks too for all of the leaders who have worked on keeping sites together, getting everyone there and safely out again on Sunday afternoon. Who is coming next year? Nearly everyone cheered for that!