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Paccar Scout Camp Update

With the new season about to start it seems an appropriate time to send an update on the immense amount of work that has been done at Paccar over the Christmas and New Year period and to separate fact from fiction !!!

With the combined efforts of Crew, Supporters and co-operation from outside contractors here’s an outline of the progress made.

  • Gas Works completed on schedule. Complete new gas mains laid to all buildings
  • Underground Power Cable trunking laid in preparation for installation of new Electricity Supply
  • Underground Fibre Optic trunking laid in preparation for expansion of WiFi etc
  • Rowallan Kitchen upgraded, Margaret Noble Kitchen due for upgrade in coming weeks
  • Installation commenced of new High Security Paxton locks which will be fitted to all buildings
  • Base for New Rifle Range laid, Erection of building starts this week
  • High Ropes Course upgraded and new Bornack Safety System installed
  • Foundations installed for new Twin Zip Wires due for completion in Spring
  • New Indoor Caving activity installed and operational
  • Over 20 trees which fell during the pre Christmas storms cleared (the upside is we now have massive woodpiles)
  • Three woodland camp sites cleared of Holly, Rhododendron and overgrowth each more than doubling in size
  • 24 Brand New Alter Fires made
  • Bungalow completely refurbished including full re-wiring
  • And much more……

Our thanks go to the incredible team of volunteers who continue to go above and beyond to keep the show on the road. We are always keen to welcome new members to our fantastic crews, if you want to know more about getting involved simply reply to this email and we will give you more details.

February Freezer activities are all confirmed and final preparations under way….. We have spaces for just three more groups so contact Jamie ( 01753 882640) and don’t miss out on a fantastic event where everything is organised for you … See you there !!!!